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My Therapeutic Approach

I work from a collaborative, strength-based model and utilize modern psychodynamic, humanistic, cognitive behavioral, relational-cultural and mindfulness theories.  By conceptualizing and integrating techniques from these theories, I am able to develop a tailored and flexible approach to best meet your needs.  In addition to creating a specific treatment plan for each client, I use evidence-based (scientifically supported) treatments to provide the quickest and most effective treatments for a variety of concerns.

During our work together, we will explore how your current ways of coping have helped you navigate the world, and times when your thoughts, emotions and behaviors may not have served you well.  Through working in an empathetic and attentive manner, I will help you explore your current areas of distress and work with you to increase your feelings of empowerment to make life changes. Our work together will be built on authenticity in session, with the intent to increase your feelings of autonomy, confidence and self-acceptance.  I will strive to create a safe, warm environment where you feel comfortable exploring topics that are often left unaddressed in life, while also providing space to challenge yourself to achieve your goals.  The balance of feeling supported, yet challenged, is one we will consistently work to achieve throughout therapy.  

What to Expect in Therapy: About Therapy

Individual Therapy Sessions

I welcome a brief consultation phone call to determine if we would work well together to help you achieve your goals.  If we believe we would be a good fit after speaking, an initial intake appointment will be scheduled.  In our first sessions together we will explore your history and current challenges.  We will identify specific goals that you would like to achieve in therapy and in life.  Most clients schedule weekly, fifty minute sessions at the onset of therapy. 

As therapy progresses, we will monitor your progress towards these goals and how I can assist you in your journey. Some goals and presenting concerns can be addressed quickly whereas others may benefit from months or years of therapy.  Depending on your desire, needs and progress towards your goals, we will discuss the need to increase or decrease the frequency of our sessions.  Ultimately, we are always working to prepare you for the end of therapy.  Throughout the course of therapy, I welcome feedback about the helpfulness and areas we may need to modify during our work together.  This is your time and I want it to be as beneficial as possible to you.

What to Expect in Therapy: About Therapy
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What to Expect in Therapy: Welcome
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